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An attempt to take advantage of the cytotoxicity of XOR products was performed by conjugating the XOR protein to monoclonal antibodies, with the intent of delivering XOR activity to the antigen-bearing cell.
It should be noted that D3 in the above description represents data A for the first AND (MZI 2), whilst it represents the first XOR output for the second AND (MZI 4).
XOR Media is keeping the team and products of SeaChange Storage and Servers and it is headed by the unita[euro](tm)s former president Zheng Gao as CEO.
The real iris code can be expressed as XOR operation between ideal iris code x' and noise measurement z.
i] of a message can be recovered by applying the same operation XOR on [c.
i+1,j-1](t) are the states of the neighboring cells of the cell at row i and column j according to Moore-Neighborhood and each of opl, op2, op3, op4, op5, op6, op7 and op8 are one of the four logic operators AND, OR, XOR and NXOR.
Representing configurations of cues could, for instance, include the use of logical rules (such as the AND rule or the XOR rule) to amalgamate two cues into a new, compound cue.
So the designer needs to perform further refinement on the circuit yield by these methods in order to introduce other kind of gates such as XOR gates [10].
With hard drives exceeding 500GBs in capacity and even larger drives on the horizon, the impact of a single drive failing and the resulting intensive XOR rebuild has reached the point of no return.
XOR logic recombines each group of N chains into a single output stream or 16 streams in the 2 million gate example.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-19 February 2004-Visma ASA acquires Swedish ERP business software developer XOR Group AB(C)1994-2004 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.