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Constructed by King Alfonso XIII for the Ibero-American Exposition of 1929, it was completely renovated in 2012.
The involvement of blood coagulation factor XIII in fibrinolysis and thrombosis.
Giants teammate Danny Brough was in the 2013 World XIII.
The North Wales Select XIII side is made up of under 23 players only to give the Students a level playing field of competition.
Louis XIII and Rolls-Royce Motor Cars share the same philosophy: to deliver the perfect experience to the world's most discerning customers.
A future collaboration will see Indian curators like Ranjit Hoskote working with Art District XIII.
Factor XIII (FXIII) deficiency is a rare inherited (autosomal recessive) bleeding disorder usually associated with a severe bleeding diathesis.
Factor XIII deficiency is rare; its incidence is approximately 1 in 2 million, and it accounts for 6% of the rare bleeding disorders.
Chemistry in the Oil Industry XIII Conferenceis organised by the Royal Society of Chemistry and co-sponsored by the European Oilfield Specialty Chemicals Association.
Veritable prophete en son pays, le demi d'ouverture neo-zelandais est l'une des plus grandes stars du rugby a XIII actuel.
The details are: (i) Special remission of 90 days to the prisoners convicted for life imprisonment except those convicted for murder, espionage, anti-state activities, sectarianism and zina (Section 10 Offence of zina (Enforcement of Hudood) Ordinance, 1979 (also under Section 377 PPC), robbery (Section 394 PPC) dacoity (Section 395-396 PPC), kidnapping/abduction (Section 364-A & 365-A), and terrorist acts (as defined in the Anti-Terrorism (second Amendment) Ordinance, 1999 (No XIII of 1999).
Otra divinidad con cierta difusion, Abel(l)io, cuyo nombre quiza haga referencia al nombre celta del manzano, aparece representado en una ocasion con figura de busto humano en nicho (Garin, CIL XIII, 333) (Fig.