Heinrich A., German anatomist and gynecologist, 1739-1808. See: Wrisberg cartilage, Wrisberg ganglia, Wrisberg ligament, Wrisberg nerve, Wrisberg tubercle.
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No desempenho de muitas atividades cotidianas as relacoes entre corpo e ambiente sao construidas a partir de uma serie de contracoes e relaxamentos musculares, em sequencias pre-determinadas e com controle adequado de forcas maximas e submaximas (Stock, Wascher e Beste, 2013; Schmidt e Wrisberg, 2013).
First described in 1563, the nerve was referred to as "portio media inter comunicantem faciei et nervum auditorium" by Heinrich August Wrisberg in 1777 (1).
Discoid meniscus was classified according to Watanabe et al where if the meniscus occupied more than 80% of the tibial plateau it is considered as complete type and less than 80% but wider than usual is called as incomplete type and as a Wrisberg ligament.
According to (Schimidt & Wrisberg, 2001), in the history of motor learning we can distinguish clearly from the phases; A first phase that stretches from the 1920s to the 1960s, influenced mainly by the ideas of behaviorist models, Phase in which two lines coexisted without too much communication between them, the line Neurophysiological and psychological.
To avoid measuring the deviation of skeletally immature or degenerative knees with osteoarthritis, patients with clear trauma history, combined with other knee injuries, and a Wrisberg type discoid lateral meniscus were excluded from the study.
Caption: Figure 3 Hypotrophic notch with hypertrophied Wrisberg ligament as viewed from the anterolateral portal.
Wrisberg CA, Liu Z (1991 ) The effect of contextual variety on the practice, retention, and transfer of an applied motor skill.
Finally, studies on highly successful coaches, indicated that individual strategies such as praise as a form of feedback, individualized attention to increase confidence, intense and on task practice relate to winning teams (Becker & Wrisberg, 2008; & Bloom, Crumpton, & Anderson, 1999).
Close to its posterior attachment it gives off a small band of fibres (fasciculus), hnown as the posterior meniscofemoral ligament, or the ligament of Wrisberg, passing upward and medially to insert into the medial condyle of the femur, immediately behind the attachment of the posterior cruciate ligament.
Merging technical impact assessment procedure with preparation and follow-up procedures benefits the actual implementation of the instrument and transforms the sustainability impact statement (step 3) into real-world policy making (see Wrisberg et al.
Several studies have found that prayer is the most prolific response used to help Christian athletes cope with difficulties in sport (Czech & Bullett, 2007; Czech, Wrisberg, Fisher, Thompson, & Hayes, 2004; Park, 2000; Watson & Czech, 2005; Watson & Nesti, 2005).