Worm Burden

The number of worms an individual host carries which, depending on the worm, can be measured either directly—e.g., Ascaris lumbricoides—or indirectly—e.g., schistosomiasis
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Often, however, they are sickly, with the stress of transport adding to their worm burden and campylobacter infections.
11] Deworming and preventive chemotherapy can be incorporated into these integrated HIV/TB services to achieve a sustainable reduction of worm burden and control of co-morbidities.
Unfortunately, people who are irresponsible enough to let their dog foul the pavements are unlikely to be worming their dog regularly to reduce the dog's worm burden, particularly Toxacara Canis.
In the present study administration of [beta]-lap 24 h after exposure to cercariae reduced the worm burden.
As with roundworm a heavy worm burden may contribute to malnutrition, stunted growth in childhood and sometimes mechanical damage of the intestinal mucosa, diarrhoea and prolapsed rectum.
Mr Howells' vet, Gareth Mulligan, said sheep should not just be wormed routinely without knowing if they have a worm burden.
A low-intensity worm burden was most common in all age classes, ranging from 40-71%.
Thankfully, it seems the cause was nothing more than a severe worm burden which had made her very poorly.
Table 1 shows the worm burden and ova count in infected and N sativa seeds treated groups.
The median worm burden per infected fox was 56 (1-20, 924) in this district.
Most patients are asymptomatic; however a very heavy worm burden can produce poorly localized and colicky abdominal pain in adults.
I don't know where the reader lives, and whether parasites are a major problem in her area and particular situation, but doing periodic fecals on her goats (I run mine quarterly) and treating only when indicated is a much healthier and more prudent approach than routinely injecting them every month with no idea of their worm burden.