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The huge volume of processes handled in these sectors have been creating consistent demand for workflow management solutions.
Mosher explained that while Workflow Management intends to focus most of its energies on providing business services to organizations based in the United States, the company will hold a significant ownership stake in the combined Canadian companies and expects to maintain a strategic alliance with The DATA Group to service multinational opportunities.
When evaluating telecom spend management solutions, companies must consider the delivery model and functionally that best suits their needs, including the ability for the software to integrate with existing infrastructure, automate invoice processing and workflow management, and provide audit capabilities that ensure accurate payment of invoices.
The BytePro Enterprise application has the ability to synchronize first and second piggyback loans, built-in workflow management tools, and an enhanced MISMO closing document interface.
Increased vendor interest in the 2006 survey reflects fundamental improvements in its design and growing recognition that this survey is the most authoritative EHR and Workflow Management Systems survey available," commented survey originator Bill Andrew, Founder of Andrew & Associates.
Omnix XSP will deliver a powerful suite of management functions unparalleled by other infrastructure or workflow management systems.
We offer a wide range of innovative tools for print-on-demand workflow management, Web-based document submission, production printing, and variable data forms printing.
Since implementing BuilderMT, Southern Homes exhibited an uncanny ability to exploit the many strengths of our workflow management solution," said Tom Gebes, President of BuilderMT.