Wood light

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Wood light

ultraviolet light produced by a Wood lamp.

Wood light

(wud līt)
Ultraviolet light produced by a Wood lamp.


Radiant electromagnetic energy limited to a wavelength of about 400 nm (extreme violet) to 770 nm (extreme red).

axial light

Light whose rays are parallel to each other and to the optic axis.

call light

A device used by a patient to signal his or her need for assistance from professional staff. It typically consists of a wireless remote control at the bedside, linked to a beeper, buzzer, cellular phone, chime, or light panel.

cold light

Any form of light that is not perceptibly warm. The heat of ordinary light rays is dissipated when they are passed through some medium such as quartz.

diffused light

Light rays broken by refraction.

idioretinal light

Intrinsic light.

intrinsic light

The sensation of light when there are no retinal stimuli to produce that sensation. Synonym: idioretinal light

Minin light

See: Minin light

oblique light

Light rays that strike a surface obliquely.

polarized light

Light in which waves vibrate in one direction only.

reflected light

Light rays thrown back by an illuminated object such as a mirror.

refracted light

Light rays bent from their original course.

transmitted light

Light that passes through an object.

white light

Light that contains all of the visible wavelengths of light.

Wood light

See: Wood rays


Robert, U.S. physicist, 1868-1955.
Wood glass - a glass containing nickel oxide, used in Wood lamp.
Wood lamp - an ultraviolet lamp used to detect by fluorescence hairs infected with species of Microsporum.
Wood light - ultraviolet light produced by Wood lamp.
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Furious New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who was watching at home, sent police to halt the show at Madison Square Garden after seeing Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood light up.
In contrast, properly seasoned wood lights easily, burns cleanly and efficiently; and will continue to flame even if the air control is turned down for an extended burn.