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Wobbly Stan - a hard-hitting yet humorous look at the issue - shows the title character trying to persuade a young girl to stay off the substances which have ruined his life.
Solihull College Principal, Brenda Sheils, said: "We are really pleased to be working with Wibbly Wobbly and assisting them in developing a skilled workforce to make their new business a success.
When you're running, you never see anyone's face, only wobbly bottoms - thousands of them
Peter and guitarist James Davison are the only two original band members remaining in Wobbly Bob.
After a wobbly cha-cha on Friday night's show, the gold-medal cyclist fought to hold back the tears in an interview with host Tess Daly.
AWbwg A CARTOON character called Wobbly Stan the Benzo Man is being used by a drugs charity to warn Scots youngsters about getting hooked on "jellies".
Marilyn Harding, co-owner of Wobbly Jelly Balloons and Bees Knees shops, from Brotton, said: "We used to have jazz band competitions.
The Wobbly Street scheme uses arts to explore the importance of eating a healthy balanced diet and regular physical activity in reducing the risk of becoming overweight and obese.
00 pot to get him to skate in the contest and he did--a wobbly start at first, but he ended up doing a Benihana over Mumford, who was lying down on the hip.
Say goodbye to wobbly plastic forks and dull knives at the Westfield Topanga mall.
Meet Cindy, a puke-green assemblage of struts and wobbly planes crowned by a blonde wig.
Wobbly scenery, even more wobbly acting on occasions - Crossroads, in all its various guises, has always been best known for being bad, a 'celebration' of the very worst elements of the British soap opera.