without prejudice

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without prejudice,

n by invoking this statement, a party is asking for assurances from the other party that the information provided by them will not be used against them to their disadvantage.
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Cross Colours Music Without Prejudice is a lifestyle entertainment company focusing on fashion, music, feature films and branded mobile and debit cards.
According to Plant and Devine (1998), people may be motivated to respond without prejudice for internal (personal) reasons or for external (normative) reasons.
Worcester, charged with disorderly conduct and assault and battery, dismissed without prejudice.
74, the claimants waived privilege in and disclosed without prejudice communications between Wragge & Co and Eversheds.
This was so in spite of the fact that the order of dismissal was without prejudice.
She says there have been cases where an employer has effectively ambushed a targeted employee - usually someone in a fairly senior position whose face no longer fits - under the guise of a without prejudice meeting.
191 should be amended to allow the dismissal without prejudice, and asked for a report by April 1, if the committee recommended no change.
Should not a gift be without prejudice and without strings attached?
From a historical perspective, Ellen Libby Eastman in "Speaking of 'Figgers'" (The Certified Public Accountant, May 1929, page 139) eloquently wrote of the important relationship between accountants and truth: "There has never lived the perfect certified public accountant, possessing all of the much-to-be-desired qualities: trustworthiness, fearlessness, energy, steadfastness, a studious and inquiring turn of mind, ability to seek the truth and to judge fairly and without prejudice or personality.
Yesterday governors suspended Alex Machin without prejudice while a team from Sunderland Council investigate the situation.
The district court granted in forma pauperis status but dismissed the action without prejudice for failure to authorize payment of the filing fee from his prison account.
Their battle will be with a health authority or trust, who are under no obligation to consult their medical staff and may decide to settle out of court on a without prejudice basis, with the settlement details remaining secret.