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A trade mark for correction fluid which has become a generic term for any opaque, white—or, less commonly, other type page colours—fluid, applied to typed pages to cover typed errors. Correction fluids have contained volatile chlorinated hydrocarbon solvents, at first toluene, which was banned as it is carcinogenic, then trichloroethane, which was banned because it depletes the ozone layer, then tricholoethylene and bromopropane. These organic solvents have psychoactive effects when deliberately inhaled—‘huffed’ or ‘sniffed’
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Frost's trademark, like McGee's liquor bottles, is a white frosting (forgive the pun) of elaborate signs and symbols--dots, arrows, spades, hearts, birdlike figures, and the like--rendered with a Wite-Out pen.
Frost lays down the Wite-Out in dense patterns in which individual letters and nonsensical words may occasionally be picked out; overall, this amalgam of letters, numbers, and symbols is fused into his own personal hieroglyphics.
The painting in the installation Soe Slaughter Surrender, with its shower of Wite-Out hearts, has an air of lovesickness; beneath it lies a pile of unstitched baseballs, like hearts emptied out in offering.