Hugo, ophthalmologist in Hapsburg Empire, 1865-1918. See: Wintersteiner rosettes.


O.P., 20th-century U.S. chemist, b. in Austria. See: Wintersteiner compound E, Wintersteiner compound F.
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En este sentido, es muy valioso el trabajo realizado por Wohlmuther y Wintersteiner (2014), en donde se logra obtener la percepcion de actores claves a nivel mundial en las areas de turismo y paz.
9), (10) Chemical investigations of adrenal steroids and their syntheses began around 1935 through the work of Wintersteiner and Pfiffner, (11) Reichstein's group (12) and Kendall's group.
The editors of the book, Cordula Wohlmuther and Werner Wintersteiner argue that there are different approaches to the complex topic of tourism and peace and that the handbook provides a good overview on this .
This was in keeping with the findings of Naumhoff (1890), Wintersteiner (1899), Coburn (1904) and Jacobs (1924) who seldom or never obtained the above findings in their series.