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Informatics A series of software operating systems and graphical user interfaces produced by Microsoft since 1985
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We had trouble loading the Windows version on a Windows 95 computer -- a problem the vendor will have to solve before next tax year.
For example, of the accountants in medium-sized firms who use word processing software, 35% use a Windows version and 68% a DOS version, for a total of 103%.
Price: $3000 for DOS version and $5000 for single-user Windows version.
Cold River Software (formerly Digitax) will market a Windows version called Veritax, while retaining Digitax as a DOS program.
Many of the newly introduced Windows versions are formatted for Windows 95; others are designed in the older Windows 3.
Both ProSystem fx and GoSystem offer Windows versions, and A-Plus-Tax plans a 1040 version for 1996 release.
Arthur Andersen is testing an 1120 Windows version of A-Plus-Tax and plans to test a 1040 version next year.
Eye Candy 5: Textures, both Macintosh and Windows versions
The only concern I have about OS/2 is whether it will be around in a couple of years and whether it will maintain compatibility with future Windows versions.
QuickBooks Basic, Pro, Premier and Premier Accountant for Windows versions 2004, 2003 and 2002.
An OS/2 version was next, followed in recent years by Linux and Windows versions.
The synchronization module for Palm OS and Windows versions is available immediately and is included with the Windows version of powerOne Finance.

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