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Informatics A series of software operating systems and graphical user interfaces produced by Microsoft since 1985
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Sygate Security Agent for Windows XP Embedded extends Sygate's award-winning endpoint security technology to Windows XP Embedded devices, and includes the following functionality:
Analysts have said that the long gap between Windows XP and Longhorn would make it more difficult for Microsoft to defend itself against Linux.
Costco members can't wait to dive into the incredible experiences that Windows XP will offer," said Richard A.
1 goal is to promote its broad PC and portable support for Windows XP across its commercial and consumer product lineups via Microsoft's Windows XP Ready Program and by ensuring that this breakthrough new operating system will be available to customers on Oct.
Not all of the new features of Windows XP are all they're cracked up to be, however.
Windows XP delivers a powerful operating system packaged with ease of use and reliability.
Windows XP Beta 2 Includes Internet Explorer 6 Technologies
This exciting update will enable our customers, who need to run the most demanding video applications, to take advantage of the new Windows XP x64 operating system with its industrial strength and higher performance," said Grant Petty, CEO, Blackmagic Design.
Neil Murvin, Chief Technology Officer for CaminoSoft, stated, "Managed Client HSM for Windows XP adds another dimension of scalability and affordability to our ILM suite.
Digitrex network TVs equipped with Windows Media Connect technology are compatible with Windows XP-based PCs, including PCs running Windows XP Media Center Edition (MCE).
The Abreon Group has announced the availability of a Windows XP eLearning Tool that enables end users to quickly understand the differences between Windows XP and their current operating system and take advantage of the new functionality to work smarter and more effectively.
The leading global Thin Client provider, IGEL Technology, introduces the IGEL-5512 XP Premium, our first Clever Client with Windows XP Embedded.