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Informatics A series of software operating systems and graphical user interfaces produced by Microsoft since 1985
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Several features of the Windows 95 interface help protect library programs from unauthorized or unintended changes or deletions by users.
With Windows 95 interface enhancements, support of drag-and-drop text and graphics, Internet shortcuts, and Microsoft Exchange mail support, Netscape Navigator Personal Edition gives users the richest Internet experience within the Windows 95 environment.
a fully 32-bit chess engine, Windows 95 interface elements, and an
0 now features the Windows 95 interface, combining the ease of use of Windows 95 with the reliability and security of Windows NT.
Norton AntiVirus for Windows 95 supports the Windows 95 interface, and stops all known and unknown viruses, before they cause damage or data loss, with a unique, comprehensive, multi-layered line of defense that combines scanning, virus sensing, and inoculation.
Higher Performance - a 32-bit application with a new Windows 95 interface, WinLAND's updated database merge agents and multi-site merge capabilities significantly increase WinLAND's performance and scalability in large environments
the new Windows 95 interface is even faster and easier," said Tom