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William, U.S. physiologist, 1860-1945.
Howell-Jolly bodies - spherical or ovoid eccentrically located granules occasionally observed in the stroma of circulating erythrocytes that occur most frequently after splenectomy or in megaloblastic or severe hemolytic anemia. Synonym(s): Jolly bodies
Howell unit - equivalent approximately to 0.002 mg of pure heparin. Synonym(s): heparin unit
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It's better for Obama to define his problems than for them to be defined by his critics," said William Howell, a politics professor at the University of Chicago.
I was surprised that Moe made no mention of this in his essay (the word "Constitution" does not appear), as it is central to his theory of unilateral action: in his 1999 article with William Howell, "The Presidential Power of Unilateral Action," the word appears 53 times (Moe and Howell 1999).
The information William Howell and Martin West provided to survey respondents ("Educating the Public," features, Summer 2009)--that charters are tuition free and do not teach religion--is only one slice of what defines charters and what distinguishes them from other public schools.
The political scientists William Howell of Harvard and Kenneth Mayer of the University of Wisconsin note that midnight regulations occur when "political uncertainty shifts to political certitude.
Marshall calls out fellow Republicans like Virginia House Speaker William Howell for "campaigning as an anti-tax candidate" while helping to negotiate the creation of the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority, an unelected body that would be able to levy taxes to pay for road-building and Metro upkeep.
William Howell, co-author of 'While Dangers Gather', a new book about Congressional checks on presidential war powers, questions how much Democrats really want to force a change in strategy, saying: "Democrats want to keep the focus on the failings of existing policy for their electoral advantage in 2008.
Katie's daughters asked the pallbearers - including Katie's son-in-law Michael Melvin, stepson Jamie Anderson and nephew William Howell - to wear pink and mourners to dress brightly.
The vast majority of boomer homeowners should be reducing their mortgage debt on their personal residence, according to William Howell, a certified financial planner with Howell Financial Advisers Inc.
But most Virginia Republican leaders, House of Delegates Speaker William Howell in the fore, are dead set against any increased taxation.
They are William Howell, CLU, ChFC, CAE, Thomas Kearney and Gordon Stewart.
Although Kiesow and Taylor's dad, William Howell, work full time, they said their son has Medi-Cal coverage that only covers a small part of the bills.