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William, English physician, 1829-1908.
Allingham colotomy
Allingham rectal speculum
Allingham rectum excision
Allingham ulcer - anal ulcer. Synonym(s): fissure in ano
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10) In fact, William Allingham, who published The Ballad Book: A Selection of the Choicest British Ballads two years after Siddal's death (albeit without any of her drawings) celebrates the metamorphic nature of the ballad in his preface: "The ballads owe no little of their merit to the countless riddlings, siftings, shiftings, omissions and additions of innumerable reciters.
Each of those sections is divided into chapters covering various aspects of the period; the nineteenth-century coverage, for instance, includes a separate chapter on Thomas Moore, one on translator-poets such as James Clarence Mangan and Mary Balfour, one on the Young Ireland and Fenian political poets, and another on poets like Aubrey de Vere and William Allingham who worked resolutely within the English tradition.
William Allingham, the turn of the century poet from Ballyshannon, must surely have visited the Glens of Antrim for the inspiration for this poem.
She examines, often at length, the work of William Allingham, Alfred Austin, Samuel Bamford, Thomas Lovell Beddoes, Mathilde Blind, the Brontes, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Robert Buchanan, Lewis Carroll, John Clare, Sidney Dobell, Ernest Dowson, George Eliot, Ebenezer Elliott, Edward FitzGerald, Dora Greenwell, Felicia Hemans, Thomas Hood, Jean Ingelow, Ernest Jones, Letitia Landon, Amy Levy, Alice Meynell, Coventry Patmore, Adelaide Procter, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Augusta Webster, and countless others.
3) That Ferguson was thought of primarily as an antiquarian is verified by the annoyance felt by William Allingham (like Yeats, a young poet favoured by Ferguson) at the lack of attention paid to Ferguson's poetry in the obituaries for him in the English press.
Notably, in The Inn Album he followed the hybrid poetic precedents of his late wife and of William Allingham in fashioning a novel in verse; and like Allingham he also published his narrative serially in a periodical.
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