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10) Alles, "Otto, Rudolf", 6928-31; Wilhelm Wundt, Elements of folk psychology: outlines of a psychological history of the development of mankind, (London: George Allen & Unwin LTD, New York: The MacMillan Company, [1900] 1916).
Los autores tambien aportan el importantisimo dato que, tras una temporada de estudios en Francia, Pena realizo un paso por la Universidad de Leipzig en 1892 donde tuvo a Wilhelm Wundt como profesor, lo cual tambien ayuda a corregir el dato anteriormente aceptado de que no hubieron latinoamericanos formandose en aquella epoca con el celebre impulsor de la psicologia experimental.
Of course selective watering down is in some ways not new, not only can it be seen to have happened to Freud and Rogers but also to the founding fathers of psychology such as Wilhelm Wundt and William James.
1873 El fisiologo y psicologo aleman Wilhelm Wundt define por primera vez a la psicologia cientifica dentro de la publicacion Principles of Psychology.
The 44 readings are organized into sections on the philosophical and physiological roots of modern psychology, Wilhelm Wundt and the founding of scientific psychology, origins of scientific psychology in America, structuralism and functionalism, birth of the new applied psychology, psychoanalysis, behaviorism and neobehaviorism, the new profession of psychology, race and gender and the psychology of social change, and cognitive psychology.
In doing so, Frijda integrates definitions of emotion and emotional processes from philosophers such as the Aristotle and Baruch de Spinoza, and psychologists such as William James and Wilhelm Wundt.
Sommers and Satel do discuss the work of Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslow, as well as Sigmund Freud's role in undermining the Judeo-Christian ethic, but they neglect to mention that it was intellectuals most Americans never heard of in the Mental Hygiene/New Education Movement who gave us today's therapeutic society--beginning with Wilhelm Wundt, the movement's founder-by-default.
Tim LaHaye Quote: "America's public education is purposely designed to eradicate Jesus from the scene and replace Him with the likes of John Dewey, Sigmund Freud, Wilhelm Wundt, Friedrich Nietzsche, Karl Marx, Charles Darwin, and many more.
Before the congress, Wilhelm Wundt had suggested that with Sidgwick as President the congress would probably have clairvoyance as the main topic but disguised as statistics of hallucinations (Wundt, 1892/2000, p.
Wilhelm Wundt, the German psychologist, had no great success in school, failing repeatedly, and frequently finding himself subject to the ridicule of others.