L.S., 20th-century Dutch geneticist. See: Wildervanck syndrome.
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Our patient had accessory tragi as a presenting feature which can also be found in various other syndromes like Trecher-Collins syndrome, Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome, Nager's acrofacial dysostosis, Wildervanck syndrome, Townes-Brocks Syndrome and Delleman syndrome.
Este tipo de diagnostico tambien se debe hacer con el sindrome de Wildervanck o cervicoacustico, asi como con la displasia espondilotoraxica, en la cual la cabeza parece estar asentada directamente sobre los hombros, con la artritis juvenil reumatoidea y con la espondilitis reumatoidea.
It is known that vigilance decrements are sensitive to diurnal influences (Craig, Davies, and Matthews, 1987; Riemersma, Sanders, Wildervanck, and Gaillard, 1977), but it is unclear why the effect was not exhibited for the two-zone condition.