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The RT PR sequences obtained from the patient are compared to the RTPR sequences of the wild-type virus and examined for mutations at resistance sites.
Breakthrough vesicular rashes occurring in vaccinees within 14 days of vaccination were typically due to wild-type virus.
Infectious virus may be identified in the feces as early as 4 days after the intravenous injection of infectious material in susceptible primates (7 days in animals fed wild-type virus orally), and continues to increase in magnitude until just before the onset of chemical evidence of liver disease.
To assess the sensitivity of the assay, we constructed 2 plasmids that contained R292 wild-type virus or 292K mutant virus, respectively.
The risk could take the form of either wild-type virus escaping from a facility or vaccine-derived polioviruses.
There were no differences in symptoms, clinical course, or viral shedding between subjects with resistant strains of the virus and those with wild-type virus, which indicated that these mutant viruses "do not lose virulence even though they have evolved to a status that is less sensitive to the drug," they noted.
If the IC50 of the wild-type virus is 2 mg/mL and the IC50 of the patient's isolate is 6 mg/mL, then the X-fold reduction in susceptibility will be reported as:
The goal was for individuals to stop their antiretroviral therapies to allow drug-resistant HIV to revert back to wild-type virus and then start a megaHAART regimen.
Can detect mixtures of resistant and wild-type virus.
This supports the idea that drug-resistant virus may not be as fit as wild-type virus, so people without many drug options left may still benefit from staying on a "failing" drug regimen.
Wild-type virus was detected in 2 patients in paired NW and BAL samples; mutant virus was detected in paired NW and BAL samples in 1 patient.
She added: "The mutations often revert to the original wild-type virus, allowing the virus to regain a fitter state, or the changes may be retained, depending on the individual's immune system.