Wild Card

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Any unpredictable factor or unknown in a data set or series of domains
Informatics An alphanumeric keyboard character—e.g., asterisk—which can stand for any character, a wide range of characters, no character, or a question mark
Sports medicine A playoff slot for a person or team that didn’t qualify for the playoffs during regular season
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Sharapova will find out next Tuesday whether she is to be given a wild card into the French Open main draw, qualifying or neither, while a Wimbledon committee will meet to discuss the subject on June 20.
team (2003 WS champs over the New York Yankees), but they could snag a wild card spot this season.
A player or team that has not qualified through the normal competitive channel receives a wild card entry.
Ltd said, "In view of the exceptional response received from karting enthusiasts across the country, a Wild Card Selection Round was created to provide aspiring Formula 1 drivers with another opportunity to participate the country wide search.
The age groups eligible for the Wild Card Selection Round are:
Virgin Mobile said the handset is its first with streaming music capability, with the company's Headliner application upgraded for the Wild Card to include a streaming music function which enables users to listen to individual tracks for USD0.
But a team that wins the wild card is like the boxer who wins the bronze medal in the Olympics.
Whether Gloucester will actually take their place in the Zurich Wild Card depends on Wasps' European final next week.
The move answers critics who say the wild card system rewards failure, with first-round losers in the men's competition last summer earning almost pounds 7,000.
Having missed out on silverware - domestic or European - for the first time since 1998, Tigers' Heineken Cup hopes now rest entirely on them winning the inaugural Zurich Premiership wild card play-offs.
BRITISH players will have to battle through a new play-off system to earn a valuable Wimbledon wild card this year.
A wild card is a keyboard character--in this case, an asterisk--that stands for any keyboard character(s); it's not unlike wild cards in poker.