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Wiener, Carolyn L.

a nursing theorist who, with Marylin J. Dodd, developed the Theory of Illness Trajectory, which involves not only the patient but the family and caregivers. The theory helps elucidate how patients and families tolerate the states of uncertainty caused by the illness and manage the illness.
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The Mini Wiener Rover is battery operated and driven by remote control, reaching speeds up to 30 miles per hour.
These are veal, pork and beef wieners slathered with mustard, covered in special meat sauce, topped with chopped onions and celery salt, and served in a steamed bun.
2) "Selected Works Related to Jeffers Containing Photographs by Leigh Wiener," in Robert Brophy, "Leigh Wiener: An Appreciation," Jeffers Studies 9, no.
Wiener Werksttte: Dorman Museum until Oct 4, open Tues-Sun 9.
That's when Wiener - whom Hasselman said had been out drinking with the victim's girlfriend's son - returned to the victim's home in the 24900 block of Hunter Avenue in Veneta and proceeded to beat him about the head with a weapon.
Building on the connections between culture and crime which be charted broadly for the 19th century ten years ago in Reconstructing the Criminal, Wiener aims this time to look at gender in 19th-century criminal justice history.
ISRI welcomes and applauds the thorough efforts of the Department of Commerce to engage in this timely discussion," says Robin Wiener, ISRI's president.
Dark Hero of the Information Age: In Search of Norbert Wiener the Father of Cybernetics.
Wiener says the most useful plan would be growth blended with the absolute level of achievement.
In this provocative and lively book, Martin Wiener traces the attitudes and responses to male violence against females in Victorian England and relates the story of how those attitudes became entrenched in statutes designed to punish violent men.
By Martin Wiener (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2004.