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Cardiology Severe stenosis of the left anterior descending coronary artery, so named as occlusion thereof is classically associated with sudden death post acute MI
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Bringing down a widow-maker was terrifying; my cotton mouth made spitting impossible, and my gritting teeth made my mouth appear overly large.
The names give a hint: Sledgehammer, Dire Straits, Devil's Hole, Widow-maker.
Known among some Marine aviators as "The Widow-Maker," the Harrier was originally produced by the British to perform short and vertical takeoffs and landings from remote clearings and glens.
While trying to replace these level-crossings, it is quite regrettable that the Ministry of Transport has never published figures showing the number of people killed on these level crossings, which are known as the widow-makers among the Egyptians.
MP Barry Sheerman is right to call powerful motorbikes widow-makers and orphan-makers as he did in the House Of Commons last month.