White Hat

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A colloquial term for 'the good guys'—e.g., white hat hackers
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30, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- WhiteHat Security, the Web security company, today announced two new appointments -- Dev Kurbur as Chief Customer Success Officer and Shivajee Samdarshi as Senior Vice President of Engineering.
I first met with WhiteHat Security last October in San Francisco to discuss our skills offer, which followed with an announcement that they were bringing 80 jobs to Belfast in December and we have now delivered our second cohort of graduates with the skills required by the company.
Through examining web application vulnerabilities of more than 30,000 websites managed by WhiteHat Sentinel, researchers gathered the following statistics: 35% of finance and insurance sites are always vulnerable, meaning sites had at least one serious vulnerability exposed every day of the year.
Website security is an ever-moving target, and organizations need to better understand how various parts of the SDLC affect the introduction of vulnerabilities, which leave the door open to breaches," said Jeremiah Grossman, co-founder and CTO of WhiteHat Security.
We couldn't be more thrilled to have a partner like WhiteHat Security," said CONZebra President and COO, Drew Williams.
According to WhiteHat Security statistics, it takes organisations an average of 100 days to fix about half of their vulnerabilities.
According to WhiteHat Security research (WhiteHat Security, 2010) 64% of web pages contain at least one serious vulnerability, which can be abuse by the hacker attack.
The near 1,700 business-critical websites under WhiteHat Sentinel management were evaluated to provide organizations with insight into the relative security of the development frameworks they deploy, and the associated vulnerabilities that put them at risk.
lt;p>Clickjacking was first used in September 2008 by Robert Hansen, CTO of SecTheory LLC and Jeremiah Grossman, CTO of Whitehat Security, to describe browser-based attacks that tricked users into clicking on site buttons or Web forms.
The company said Fortify on Demand integrates its static analysis technology with dynamic application security testing powered by WhiteHat Security, enabling organisations to assess and remediate security vulnerabilities in applications without installing software on-premise.
WhiteHat's highly accurate vulnerability information combined with an open API makes WhiteHat Sentinel the only website risk management solution to provide reliable and precise website vulnerability data that can be shared and practically employed within an organization.
WhiteHat Security, a provider of website security services, and F5 Networks Inc (Nasdaq:FFIV), an Application Delivery Networking company, announced on Monday (10 March) a partnership agreement.