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Comparative trial of HIV-infected patients Evaluating Efficacy & Safety of saquinavir-Enhanced oral formulation and indinavir given as part of a triple drug therapy. An AIDS therapy trial
Conclusion Despite low plasma concentrations, saquinavir reduced the plasma HIV load by 2.4 log10 copies/ml after 24 weeks; previous studies of AZT plus 3TC showed only a drop of about 1.1 log10 copies/ml


AIDS A clinical trial–Comparative Trial of HIV-Infected Patients Evaluating Efficacy & Safety of Saquinavir-Enhanced Oral Formulation and Indinavir given as part of a Triple Drug Therapy. See AIDS, Indinavir, Saquinavir.


a partially fermented, coagulated product of milk. Varieties of cheese are produced by the use of different microorganisms in the fermenting process (and by the use of different types of milk).


a food produced industrially by the precipitation of milk protein and capable of acting as a vector of animal disease caused by resistant bacteria but especially by viruses, especially foot-and-mouth disease.

cheese fly
infests cheese but of esthetic importance only. Called also cheese skipper, Piophila casei.
cheese mite

Patient discussion about cheese

Q. I take lots of cheese and other dairy products and even I like them a lot,it does worry me on my consumption. Does having large amount of protein rich food like dairy products have effect on breast cancer and its inception? I take lots of cheese and other dairy products and even I like them a lot, it does worry me on my consumption of dairy.

A. A vegan diet is found good for breast cancer patients, rather for all cancers. It’s hard to separate out which foodstuffs might influence cancer to develop or grow. The idea behind a dairy-free diet for breast cancer is that a diet low in animal protein will be low in essential amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. A diet low in essential amino acids has been shown to reduce levels of a growth factor called IGF-1 (insulin-like growth-factor-1) in the bloodstream. This might be important, as women with low levels of IGF-1 are at a lower risk of developing some types of cancer, including breast cancer.

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Ame informed that at the International Fair of Fairy Products in Italy, which he participated in with other stock-breeders from the region, the Debar white cheese received high grades for quality from both experts and visitors.
The creation of the role follows a flurry of listings for Arla's white cheeses last year.
Your article on "US Super Size Portions" resonated what I have always been thinking and talking about amongst my family and friends - many restaurants here too serve out really large portions, specially filled with carb-rich components like thick French fries, white cheese, white rice or white bread.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-11 April 2007-Norwegian dairy group Tine BA considers restructuring white cheese manufacturing operations(C)1994-2007 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
This crumbly, white cheese is often eaten with a slice of apple
It does however meet the requirements to be regarded as a traditional designation and be covered by the Regulation: the traditional nature of the name which was established in the 19th century to describe the traditional white cheese made in Greece since time immemorial; the designation of a foodstuff originating from certain territorial areas, that of a large area in Greece both currently and historically; quality deriving from the geographical environment; production, processing and preparation in a specific area, the Greek legislation rules that the milk used must come from indigenous breeds, fed only from pastures within the specified areas.
I love Mexican food; my favorite is the white cheese dip.
FROMAGE BLANC - A European-style fresh white cheese that can be made with cow's, goat's or sheep's milk.
The study dealt with the manufacturing of Sudanese White Cheese from skimmed cow's milk with a low salt content.
If you cannot find fromage blanc, use fromage frais - they are two different names for what is, essentially, the same thing - a soft, unripened, fresh white cheese usually made from cow's milk which is smooth and creamy and combines happily with fresh fruits such as raspberries and strawberries.
The white cheese dip was excellent and disappeared quickly, but not before our food arrived.