White blood cells

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white blood cells


White blood cells

A group of several cell types that occur in the bloodstream and are essential for a properly functioning immune system.


the white blood cells (WBC). All types are involved in body defences, e.g. as phagocytes or producers of antibodies. Unlike red blood cells, they are nucleated, aerobic and move freely between the blood and tissue fluids. Of a total white cell count of 5 - 10 × 103 per mm3, more than 50% are neutrophils, which increase in number with many common infections (leucocytosis). These together with the much smaller numbers of basophils and eosinophils have a multilobed nucleus and contain granules with different staining properties. About 35% of WBC are lymphocytes with a major role in immunity. Less numerous, but largest, are the circulating monocytes equivalent to macrophages in the tissues. See also blood cells, lymphatic system. See fig overleaf .

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Q. can i get a short explanation about white blood cells and their job? what does it mean if i have a insafition

A. White blood cells (WBC's) are the ones responsible for the immune system in the body. The white blood cell count rises in cases of infection, steroid use and other conditions. A low white blood cell count can have many causes, which need to be further evaluated by a doctor.

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We undertook this study to understand the correlation between consuming a Mediterranean diet and specific health markers, including platelet levels and white blood cell counts, which can more specifically explain the diet's benefits in reducing the long-term risk of cerebral and heart disease or other chronic conditions," lead study author Marialaura Bonaccio, PhD, of the Department of Epidemiology and Prevention at the IRCCS Istituto Neurologico Mediterraneo NEUROMED in Italy said.
In addition, Betafectin did not increase production of elastase, a tissue-damaging enzyme produced by white blood cells.
The team started by collecting proteins secreted by the white blood cells, then testing how well each protein stimulated growth of crushed or severed axons.
Meghan started with zero white blood cells when she received the marrow, and Shah had said it could take 17 days before doctors know if it is working.
Scientists began to understand in more detail how white blood cells are activated by foreign substances to mount attacks.
Its product line includes LEUKINE(R) (Sargramostim), a white blood cell stimulant, and chemotherapeutics such as NOVANTRONE(R) (mitoxantrone HCl) and Leucovorin Calcium.
The majority of these responding cells are neutrophils, macrophages, and natural killer cells--the white blood cells that form the core of what's called the innate immune system.
The system, which is being jointly developed by Cerus and Baxter Healthcare Corporation, is designed to inactivate viruses, bacteria, other pathogens and white blood cells in platelets intended for transfusion.
The bone-marrow transplant appears to be reversing the effects of his aplastic anemia, a condition that prevented his body from producing oxygen-carrying red blood cells, disease-fighting white blood cells and blood-clotting platelets.
Cancer patients who received Sargramostim in randomized, placebo- controlled clinical studies experienced more rapid recovery of white blood cells and reduced duration of infection, antibiotic therapy and hospitalization.
Previously, first and subsequent cycle administration of Neulasta to stimulate production of infection-fighting white blood cells was indicated for patients receiving myelosuppressive chemotherapy associated with a more than 30 to 40 percent risk of febrile neutropenia.
Some of the same biochemical dysfunctions in white blood cells may also be disordered within the brain," he adds.