White Spider

An arachnoid skin lesion characterised by concentric geographic scarring and ulceration caused by fibrosis emanating centrifugally from the site of injection of illicit drugs, a typical post-mortem sign of subcutaneous heroin injection—skin ‘popping’
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Ken's ridiculous white spider fly put 50 bluegills in the cooler one memorable day.
From Caerphilly in the north or Penarth in the south, from the Ely link road to the main platform of the central railway station, the massive angular corner supports of the Millennium Stadium give the impression of a giant white spider squatting in the centre of the city.
The two poems share a basic plot: the speaker finds a sinister coincidence in the placement of a white spider and its victim, a white moth, on an albino version of a flower that is usually blue.
com)-- Black and White Spider Awards' live online gala was attended by photography fans around the globe who logged on to see the climax of the industry's most important event for black and white photography.
It was accented by mini white calla lilies with a cluster of white spider mums completing the clean, crisp look.
Moustique, who fears spiders, has an encounter with a pregnant white spider that he kills and later realizes, through a more complex metaphor, that the few possible means available to him, as a Black West Indian, throughout his life were all white constructions and related to the same sense of fear that the white spider had instilled in him.
Contrary to the textbook scenario, though, a white spider on a white flower doesn't catch more prey than a white spider on a yellow flower, researchers report online November 4 in Proceedings of the Royal Society B.
She received the Golden Lights Award for Travel and several of her black and white portraits were nominated for the black and white Spider Awards.
She has received the Golden Lights Award for Travel, and several of her black and white portraits were nominated for the black & white Spider Awards.
That Hillary Clinton is waiting in the wings, like a big white spider.
The White Spider, Heinrich Harrer's classic account of climbing the North face of the Eiger (which prompted the young Joe Simpson, of Touching the Void fame, to take up climbing) begins very presciently by setting out his pitch: he is writing about mountaineering not as sensationalism for the titillation of the masses; the layman is in no position to judge whether these attempts are ultimately either foolhardy or courageous.