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Thomas, English anatomist and physician, 1614-1673. See: Wharton duct, Wharton jelly.
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I would shed a tear and be proud that I passed on these great genes," Wharton said.
Elected chairman of the board of the Rockefeller Foundation in 1981 and having led SUNY for nearly a decade, Wharton was well prepared for his next challenge: taking over in 1987 as chairman and chief executive officer of the financial giant TIAA-CREF to bring new dynamism to the most important retirement-savings institution for American university faculty.
Wharton also offers a Master's in Business Administration program, an MBA program for executives and interdisciplinary programs such as MBA/MA Lauder Joint Degree in International Studies and the MBA in Health Care Management.
Spanning a remarkable forty years and increasing from three to 135 the known surviving letters between Wharton and Bahlmann, the letters trace Wharton's intellectual and artistic development in exquisite detail.
45pm Wharton and Blackburn turned up complaining someone had thrown a bottle towards them as they passed.
Richard Warrington Baldwin Lewis, for example, has remarked that "Spain [was] a country that Edith Wharton found it hard to make her way into, imaginatively" (1975: 362).
For a couple of years we have been involved with CERT and Wharton has decided to put a stake in the ground.
Mr Wharton's daughters Gina Fagin, 51, Victoria Wharton, 55, and Amanda Wharton, 42, have launched a legal battle at the High Court and claim the will was secured by their stepmum's "undue influence".
The first is a collection of correspondence between Edith Wharton and her long-time London publisher, Macmillan, particularly with Frederick MacMillan, head of the firm and son of one of its founders.
All ostensibly united by the fact that they enclose women, these spaces also horrify Wharton in part because they are associated with the other: with Catholics, with Celts (as in the case of a story like "All Souls'"), and with Moroccans, a point that Benert could have considered more carefully, especially in light of her attribution of Wharton's attitudes to a supposedly quintessential American "horror of tyranny, of oppression, of confinement" (94, 93).
Orlando's detailed discussion of the figure of the model who, along with the artist, looks at a painting of herself, provides an excellent context for her assessment of Wharton as a social critic intensely aware of the predicament of women in a culture that puts them on exhibit.
Storage Investment Advisors of Houston, Texas managed the sale, and the firm of Herrick, Feinstein LLP provided legal representation to Wharton Equity Partners.