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Our next destination was the famous whalewatching resort of Kaikoura but before departing we popped into the tourist office A whale tail New Zealand's to get a report on the weather further south - and the news was not good.
A whale tail New Zealand's A storm had caused severe flooding in earthquake-recovering Christchurch, as if the poor folk there had not already had enough to put up with.
Funded by USC SeaGrant Urban Oceans Initiative, Whale Tail, and Edison International Community Grants.
We like the Whale Tail, a veggie cafe in Lancaster, or Frankie and Benny's in Morecambe.
Attach the Octa Vacuum Dock and Whale Tail, and the tablet "becomes a whole different animal," touts Trotsky.
Or semi-automation, because in the first step, I still manually review it portion of the acoustic data to identify each bowhead whale tail l bear.
Don't be the girl who gets caught in class with a whale tail.
It's like a beavertail but bigger--although not as big as the whale tail on a Porsche 930.
It has a heart the size of a Mini, a tongue as heavy as an elephant and the ability to grow up to 30 metres long (100 ft), and today, a life size model of a Blue Whale tail splashed into the Serpentine in London's Hyde Park.
Our Native stonework and whale tail fountain gives visitors a flavor of America's Last Frontier.
Revised in the sense that those awful runny-egg-yolk headlights have been dumped in favor of the more nostalgic ones currently in use; but definitely not revised in the sense that the huge back-end, or whale tail, has been downsized.