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wettability (wet´əbil´ətē),

n the angle at which a droplet of liquid interfaces with a horizontal surface; the shape of the droplet varies depending on the type of liquid and surface, thereby influencing the contact angle and thus the wettability. The greater the angle past 90°, the greater the wettability.
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9) The frictional properties of a contact lens is described in terms of the coefficient of friction (CoF) and can be influenced by many properties, including lens surface wettability or lubricity.
Designed for two-part platinum-cured silicones, the Gelest additives improve wettability and maintain optical clarity without increasing extractables.
The standard method for characterizing the wettability of surfaces is the measurement of contact angles (see ASTM standards D7334 and D7490), but it requires specialized equipment and is not practical in the field.
For many applications low wettability of a finished fabric is important and potential applications include rainwear, protective clothing [1,2], upholstery [3], and automotive interior fabrics.
Wettability was estimated by measuring the wetting time of 1 g of the sample flour dropped from a height of 15 mm on to the surface of 200 [cm.
Scientists and engineers in the adhesive community present 19 papers on interfaces, wettability and adhesion; modifying the surface of polymers; adhesion aspects of biologically based materials and bio-adhesives; adhesives and their testing; and nanomaterials and nanocomposites.
Therefore, good drainage performance of the heat exchanger is generally desired, and research has been conducted on improved drainage through wettability manipulation of the fins.
Contact angle characterizing the surface wettability, was measured at 6 positions with distilled water at room temperature with Surface energy evaluation system.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian researchers from Semnan University in association with their colleagues from Malek Ashtar University succeeded in increasing the abrasive and hardness properties of nanocomposites as well as improving wettability of alumina nanoparticles in molten aluminum, its adhesion percentage in solid phase and nanoparticles distribution.
Advantages: Excellent dimensional stability, good tear strength, good working and setting times, excellent wettability, automixed system(Figure-5), short setting time, adequate tear strength, extremely high accuracy, minimal distortion on removal, dimensionally stable even after 1 week, If hydrophilic, good compatibility with gypsum.
With this design architecture in place, the team has thus far demonstrated the ability to dynamically control - with great precision - two key functions: transparency and wettability, said Xi Yao, Ph.
such as barrier properties, scratch resistance or wettability or the reproducibility of batch processes.