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A creature appearing in the mythology of the Algonquian people who are native to northern US and Canada, who is malevolent, cannibalistic and capable of transforming or possessing humans
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Rather she situates a sole novel, Surfacing (1972), as part of a corpus she labels "women-in-the-woods" stories, which may or may not be Wendigo tales.
Les anthropologues et autres chercheurs admettent ne pas tres bien savoir ce que represente au juste le personnage du Wendigo qui est au coeur de la mythologie algonquine : peut-etre personnifie-t-il, disent-ils, l'hiver, la faim, la deroute et la folie, ce qui rendrait comprehensible le fait que les shamans des nations amerindiennes aient invente des chants en son honneur.
Will Brave's stories and teachings prepare Courage enough to defend the Village when Wendigo strikes again?
It is reasonably certain that the real Jack London never stared down a man-eating Wendigo or was forced to pan gold as a slave.
Duncan, 'The Wendigo Myth in The Robber Bride', British Journal of Canadian Studies, 14.
HE who hears the cry of the Wendigo is never seen again.
The American fantasy hit about three sisters with magic powers continues to spin its enchantment as tonight's problems include an ex-boyfriend with money problems and the arrival in town of a werewolf- like critter called a Wendigo.
This limited-edition box set includes 8 single-carded 6" scale Hulk Legends figures including: Son of Hulk, She-Hulk, Grey Hulk, King Hulk, The End Hulk, Absorbing Man, Doc Samson and Wendigo.
As the Wendigo leaves a gory trail of human remains, displayed in bizarre, ritualistic poses with skinless faces and empty eyesockets, Warthrop and Henry see more and more evidence that the creature may actually exist.
He alone stands against a group of evil Shaman dead set on reviving their old master; the Wendigo.
OTC:INZS) announced today it has signed a letter of intent to acquire Wendigo Golf Club and 255 acres of land in Grand Rapids, Mn.
But really, the Wendigo is a continuation of the suggestion throughout the film of modern man at a crossroads-- of all things primal at odds with all things developed, and of civilized man at odds with his own inner, animalistic self.