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David, U.S. psychologist, 1896-1981. See: Wechsler intelligence scales, Wechsler-Bellevue scale.
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Her strategy worked when, after two packed open houses, Andrea Weksler, from Douglas Elliman, brought her client to the table.
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The genus of Oligoryzomys includes 18 species of cricetid rodents of small size distributed in South and Central America (Musser and Carleton 2005, Weksler and Bonvicino 2005).
En este trabajo, se describen algunos aspectos de la interaccion entre roedores del grupo Nephelomys albigularis (ver Weksler et al.
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The 2 soil temp measurements of the nest mound and at 1 m distance were taken with analog Weksler 2" Dial Size Bi-Metal thermometers and averaged to establish hourly soil temp per nest per day.