Hugo, Austrian chemist, 1849-1899. See: Weidel reaction.
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It's a product that engages nearly every prospect and client in meaningful conversation," said Mark Weidel, General Manager at DBC Interactive.
TIMOTHY WEIDEL, "Beyond Utility, Rights, and Care: An Alternative Approach to Global Poverty.
Police Lieutenant Brad Weidel said it's being treated as a "medically related death".
Lieutenant Weidel is employed by the Ramapo, New York, Police Department.
Editors: In California, Jeffrey Weidel has been named editor of Roseville's Press-Tribune; previously he had been the paper's sports editor.
Douglas Petrozzini of Grubb & Ellis was tenant representative; McKesson HBOC lease of 9,000 square feet at 101 College Road East in a long-term transaction, in which Steve Marusky of Weidel Commercial Realty represented the tenant; and a lease of 3,400 square feet by SNPE N.
Weidel, former chief legal counsel for the Illinois Department of Corrections and current staff counsel at the University of Wyoming in Laramie, Wyo.
For More Information Contact: Donna Weidel Burgess Communications Phone: 610.
Ramapo Police Lieut Brad Weidel said: "It's being handled like a medically related death.
CONTACT: Donna Weidel, Burgess Communications, 610 647 7900, dweidel@burgesscom.