Hugo, Austrian chemist, 1849-1899. See: Weidel reaction.
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Twitter also deleted a message by AfD member Alice Weidel in which she said German authorities wanted Germans to live with criminal mobs of migrants.
Right-wing Alternative for Germany leader Alice Weidel at a rally in Germany
Political correctness: Shortly after she became a candidate for the AfD in the national election, Alice Weidel said at the party's convention in Cologne, "As democrats and patriots, we will not keep quiet.
Co-leader Alice Weidel told reporters the party's plan was to provide "constructive opposition".
En tanto, su companera de formula, la economista Alice Weidel, tampoco se ha librado de la polemica.
In a press conference, the far-right party's leading candidates Alexander Gauland and Alice Weidel offered explanations elucidating their party's political strategy, with four days to go until Germans head to the polls.
Larry Weidel has benefitted tremendously from the mentorship of some of these serial winners.
Weidel, Provencio-Vasquez, & Grossman, 2008) and Australia (e.
TIMOTHY WEIDEL, "Beyond Utility, Rights, and Care: An Alternative Approach to Global Poverty.
2401, by Weidel, Loveys and 22 cosponsors, deals with the collateral source rule, punitive damages, and joint and several liability.
21 December 2009 - DnB NOR Markets analyst Odd Weidel has given a "buy" recommendation on Sweden-based Nordea Bank AB (STO: NDA) and on Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB (STO: SEB AA), or SEB, while rating a "sell" on local sector player Swedbank AB (STO: SWED A).