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Anton, Austrian pathologist, 1845-1920. See: Weichselbaum coccus.
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Komodia CEO Barak Weichselbaum declined comment Friday.
But Dr Elisabeth Weichselbaum, of the British Nutrition Foundation, said: "People in England may have slightly better eating habits compared with Scotland, but the reality is that the whole UK population should improve their eating habits.
Geoffrey Weichselbaum is co-director of Democracy Reporting International (DRI) and Katherine Vittum is DRI Pakistan Country Director.
Dr Elisabeth Weichselbaum, of the British Nutrition Foundation, said a lack of vitamin A could lead to eye problems and even night blindness.
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less preferred) service (see, for example, McNeil, Weichselbaum, and Pauker 1978; Ben Zion and Gafni 1983; and Mehrez and Gafni 1987).