World Wide Web

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World Wide Web

All resources and users on the Internet that use HTTP protocols.

World Wide Web

See the Web.

Patient discussion about World Wide Web

Q. Is surfing the internet good for your brain? I am 72 and I just discovered computers and the internet at our library. I find myself fascinated by it and I spend hours in front of the computer. Is surfing the internet good for your brain?

A. This is a very current question that people ask and the answer is YES it is. A recent study showed that adults who surf the internet regularly engage larger parts of their brain when doing so compared to adults who rarely surf.

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Websurfing, I started around 1994, basically through AOL and Compuserve.
Zoom" producer Kate Taylor says the main reason the interactive '70s favorite was resurrected after many years of hiatus was the opportunity it presented for reaching Websurfing kids.
The applications, which cover analysis of consumer websurfing, net advertising and marketing, will run on Hyperion's Essbase 6.
Since my private websurfing has been rather limited to basic news and information, with a few online purchases - www.