Weber point

We·ber point

a point situated 1 cm below the promontory of the sacrum; believed by Wilhelm E. Weber to represent the center of gravity of the body.


Wilhelm E., German physicist, 1804-1891.
Weber point - a point situated 1 cm below the promontory of the sacrum, believed by Weber to represent the center of gravity of the body.
Weber triangle - an area on the sole of the foot.
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I loved hearing German MEP Manfred Weber point out that the only achievement our Government has claimed in the 18 months since the EU referendum is the re-introduction of a navy blue passport.
As Depew and Weber point out, for a thorough going anti-essentialist like Darwin, the problem becomes one of explaining the apparent reality of species.
In addition, law enforcement officers from 30 counties will open the ceremonies by forming a "Wall Of Honor" to applaud teams of Special Olympics athletes as they enter Weber Point.
Weber Point will host the Opening Ceremonies beginning Friday June 6th at 8:00 p.
Weber points out that a dissatisfied district can always change contractors.
Weber points to the unfreezing of as much as $150 billion of Iran's own money and says, "Instead of limiting Iran's ability to attack us and our allies, our Administration is giving a country known for its deception, instability, and hatred for the West, the funds to begin advancing its own military and defense capabilities.
4) Weber points out that the Web is rapidly becoming the most important marketing medium.
As Weber points out, many of those in the middle market don't have the budget to purchase more than term insurance and one type of permanent policy.
And Weber points out that "It's much easier to shift one day of my beef consumption a week to chicken or vegetables than to eat only Jerusalem artichokes for three months in the winter.
As Weber points out, when e-mail goes down, so does the city's ability to get work done.
Weber points out that he hasn't taken on too many partners--except a deep-pocketed studio--and plans to stay in control.
It is no surprise that, as Weber points out, students with disabilities drop out at a rate three times higher than that of their classmates without disabilities.