Weather Bomb

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The most severe of all winter storms
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The Met Office last night said an approaching Atlantic storm qualifies as rapid cyclogenesis - or a weather bomb.
The alleged weather bomb is more at the damp squib end of weather bombs anyway and - shock horror - it's perfectly normal for there to be quite bad weather in the North East at this time of year.
The Atlantic storm is known as a weather bomb as air pressure plunged by more than 24 milibars in 24 hours - a huge amount in meteorological terms.
The band also revealed they had braved the weather bomb to come to Scotland for the gig and a signing of their new album at the Glasgow Anniesland branch of Morrison's.
There were plenty of thunderclaps and storm clouds above Riccarton yesterday as Scotland's weather bomb made its presence felt but anyone hoping to hear a bubble bursting will be disappointed.
With qualification as group winners guaranteed and a weather bomb pounding the Mersey, the Blues could have been forgiven for sleepwalking through a dead rubber against an alarmingly physical Krasnodar.
Edinburgh bluenose barra Stevens is brassed off " with his club getting it in the neck as he seeks a shaft of blue sky in the midst of a weather bomb over Ibrox that seems never ending.
The Met Office said storms would affect a much wider area than Wednesday's weather bomb that battered Scotland.
The weather bomb - properly known as a rapid cyclogenesis - is brewing in the Atlantic and is expected to last 48 hours.
The weather bomb - properly known as a rapid cyclogenesis - is currently brewing across the Atlantic and is expected to last for 48 hours.
This weather bomb on Wednesday will bring gusts of up to 80mph with snow over high ground and blizzard conditions.