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Military To concentrate or alter a process, pathogen or chemical so that it can be used as a weapon

Terrorism To adapt a thing (a non-weapon) for use as a weapon—e.g., shoes, box cutters, shoelaces, chopsticks, coins
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If the P-5 want to give weight to their call on India and Pakistan not to weaponise their capabilities, the most important step they could themselves take would be to de-weaponise, i.
3 ( ANI ): The US Defence Department is reportedly planning to weaponise more drones for combat missions.
But it was put to Mr Hunt that this was hypocritical, considering that he and other senior Tories had done nothing but weaponise the NHS in Wales, but he denied that.
Moreover, attempts have been made to weaponise anthrax which could lead to inhalation of the organism.
Officials said the regime had the ability to weaponise chemical agents and could have re-established a biological weapons programme within a few weeks or months.
DISRUPTION She said of Russia: "It is seeking to weaponise information.