Weapon of Mass Distraction

A slang term for a thing—e.g., television—and/or event—e.g., the Super Bowl—that distracts the masses from thinking about important issues
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Anyway, it is my weapon of mass distraction, and I only use it against the Kim Jong-uns of tennis.
Now another royal weapon of mass distraction from a Tory mess.
As future installments of this column will suggest, popular culture is not simply a weapon of mass distraction.
The television is a weapon of mass distraction," says Nashawaty.
As well as two promotions, Jaidi's legacy will include his novel weapon of mass distraction tactic which has seen him assist with attacking free-kicks by dancing in the eye-lines of opposition keepers.
However, although this novel weapon of mass distraction could help England overcome further shoot-out misery at next summer's World Cup finals, it is those in the higher-echelons of the professional game who are kicking up a stink because of Fifa's old farts.
The myth of the "Black male shortage" is the most insidious weapon of mass distraction since the epidemic of Korean hair weaves stitched to the scalps of legions of women of African descent.
To this day, Muslims use the white man as a weapon of mass distraction a distraction from the fact that we've never needed the 'oppressive' West to oppress our own.
THE Hutton Inquiry was launched by Tony Blair and A last air Campbell as a weapon of mass distraction.
The old Weapon of Mass Distraction ploy always worked so well for Campbell in the past.
Fans of 1980s action cinema will like it, but after a while it's clear this all-star weapon of mass distraction is firing blanks in the script department.
Meanwhile, Blues' towering Tunisian says he could yet re-instate his weapon of mass distraction to help secure a top-two spot.
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