Weapon of Mass Distraction

A slang term for a thing—e.g., television—and/or event—e.g., the Super Bowl—that distracts the masses from thinking about important issues
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The television is a weapon of mass distraction," says Nashawaty.
As well as two promotions, Jaidi's legacy will include his novel weapon of mass distraction tactic which has seen him assist with attacking free-kicks by dancing in the eye-lines of opposition keepers.
However, although this novel weapon of mass distraction could help England overcome further shoot-out misery at next summer's World Cup finals, it is those in the higher-echelons of the professional game who are kicking up a stink because of Fifa's old farts.
To this day, Muslims use the white man as a weapon of mass distraction a distraction from the fact that we've never needed the 'oppressive' West to oppress our own.
THE Hutton Inquiry was launched by Tony Blair and A last air Campbell as a weapon of mass distraction.
The old Weapon of Mass Distraction ploy always worked so well for Campbell in the past.
Fans of 1980s action cinema will like it, but after a while it's clear this all-star weapon of mass distraction is firing blanks in the script department.
Meanwhile, Blues' towering Tunisian says he could yet re-instate his weapon of mass distraction to help secure a top-two spot.
No, his mind-warping acid was given to the military for testing as a possible chemical weapon of mass distraction.
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