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wave·num·ber (σ),

The number of waves per centimeter (cm-1), used to simplify the large and unwieldy numbers heretofore used to designate frequency.
See also: wave number.
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In the water-ash mixtures this band shifts to higher wavenumbers after 28 days of curing, indicating poly-condensation of silicate species and longer silicate structures encompassing more silica tetrahedra in the [Q.
C-N vibration frequencies also shifted towards lower wavenumbers after complexation which showed the involvement of pyridine nitrogen in complexation as well.
y], wavenumbers along X and Y horizontal axis, respectively), the relative arrival times are calculated at all sensor locations and the phases are shifted according to the time delays.
Amide II bands of all gelatin samples were noticeable at the wavenumbers of 1,535.
Shifts of the carbonyl, stretching frequency to higher wavenumbers, were observed when formamide was treated with both the [C.
1] peak towards higher wavenumbers with decreasing temperature, while the 3420 [cm.
The cut-off wavenumbers, the cut-off frequencies, and the associated families of the first fifty modes in a hollow waveguide of side e = 1 cm are given in Table 1.
Finally, numerical experiments were presented to confirm that the refined subgridding 25p is a good choice for the Helmholtz equation with varying wavenumbers, especially for large-scale layered problems.
We observe that even though the KdV equation and the BBM equation are valid at the same level of approximation, the group velocity of linear waves for the BBM equation is bounded for all wavenumbers while the group velocity of linear waves for the KdV equation has no lower bound.