water injection

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water injection (wäˑ·ter in·jekˑ·shn),

n therapy that involves the subcutaneous injection of sterile water over trigger points; used to effect relief from painful conditions, especially those due to myofascial trigger points.
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The major objective of this book is to provide both practicing and budding petroleum engineers with a comprehensive practical reference manual which can be used in the field of low salinity water injection (LSWI) and engineered water injection (EWI) techniques.
The effect of water injection was found to enable significant fuel consumption reduction especially at high loads.
The major two different techniques used for water injection are direct injection of water/diesel emulsion and intake manifold injection during intake stroke [5].
chokes that can be changed to control water injection according to drilling preference and conditions.
Mohammed bin Nasser bin Saif al-Oufi from the University of Surrey won the second place for his project on "Osmosis Way to Provide Low-salinity Water for Water Injection Into Oil Reservoirs.
BMW AG (Xetra: BMW), a Germany-based automaker, is planning to equip its M4 GTS with water injection system, Car and Driver has reported citing unnamed company insiders.
Therefore, water seepage behavior in faults was studied using water injection tests.
Advanced water injection is an oil extraction technology that has been developed in response to the challenges of features of oilfields such as found in the Ordos Basin of Northern China, with its ultralow permeability, high flow resistivity, low natural energy, low pressure conductivity, and low per-well productivity.
Engel states the water injection technology offered under its 'watermelt' label is used for the efficient and cost-effective production of long media lines and complex hollow parts such as handles, beverage crates and engine components via injection moulding.
In Oman, the joint venture will supply and install 8 miles of liners in water injection and process pipelines ranging from 12 inches to 21 inches in diameter.
Following its productive lifespan, the Rahmi sands will be used for water injection.
This was the second of four water injection wells for al-Amir.