waste disposal

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1. gradual loss, decay, or diminution of bulk.
2. useless and effete material, unfit for further use within the organism.
3. to pine away or dwindle.

waste disposal
techniques for disposing of a veterinary practice's, or abattoir or feedlot or milking shed wastes. By incineration, deep burial, washed away in a sewer as any other effluent or reclamation for industrial or agricultural use. Disposal of wastes from a veterinary practice or service has additional problems. There is a need for disposal of animal cadavers, kennel and pen wastes, tissue specimens, blood and milk and other samples. Much of the material is infected, some of it dangerous to humans, and therefore needs to be disposed of legally and systematically.
waste management system
planned, economic and conservationist program for the recycling and conservation of waste.
recycled waste
includes chicken litter, newsprint, sugar cane bagasse, fruit pomace, crude sewage, sewage sludge used as pasture topdressing and feed for farm animals, newsprint used as bedding for horses. See also recycled animal wastes.
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Identify and manage waste disposal taxes as a component of the overall cost for waste disposal.
Generally, waste sands, whether they be clay bonded or chemically bonded, are accepted at licensed waste disposal sites with little or no problem.
A Merseyside Waste Disposal Authority spokeswoman said: "The Merseyside Waste Partnership - made up of Merseyside Waste Disposal Authority, Knowsley Council, Liverpool City Council, St Helens Council, Sefton Council and Wirral Council - has been approached by Halton Council with a view to Halton joining the partnership's procurement process for waste management contracts beyond 2008.
In a 15 May 2001 letter to Phillips, senior specialist Gary Marsh wrote that the BLM does not object to the use of the PETT along with other acceptable human waste disposal systems currently in use.
Under the deal, Kawasaki will dispose of waste brought by members of Industrial Waste Disposal Business Cooperatives at its dioxin-free facility in Chiba.
Such improvements include transit lines, roadways, bridges, street lighting, schools, port facilities and airports, waste disposal plants, and all the other systems that are needed for the operation of a modern city.
The new waste disposal rules make it illegal to throw out so-called universal waste, which includes electronics and appliances that contain mercury or other heavy metals.
THE chairman of Merseyside Waste Disposal Authority has accused Liverpool City Council of jumping the gun by announcing it will oppose a mass-burn incinerator for domestic rubbish.
Most health care administrators now address only the costs directly related to waste disposal.
Supreme Court also considered a challenge to Alabama's waste disposal tax.
In late August, the City Council voted to pass the comprehensive solid waste disposal plan backed by Mayor Dinkins and City Council speaker Peter Vallone.

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