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A program that condenses ‘dead’ storage space from deleted files on a hard drive, allowing storage despite ‘insufficient memory’ messages
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As presented in Table 4; the private waste collector was the most important means through which waste stored was disposed.
Sweepers collected sharp waste mixed with other non-infectious waste from 69% clinics and 88% waste collectors were not vaccinated against Hepatitis B.
Article 7 of the same Directive requires Member States to take the necessary steps to ensure that any holder of waste has it handled by a private or public waste collector or by a disposal firm carrying operations listed in Annexes II A or II B of the Directive or, indeed, disposes of it himself.
A spokesman for CN Rail's waste department told Manitoba Business Magazine the Crown waste collector has never been low bidder on its waste hauling and that Laidlaw has always been lower in its bids.
M2 EQUITYBITES-September 29, 2015-Ares Management, Harvest Partners Funds to Acquire Florida Waste Collector
Maintenance & operation of the medium voltage electricity network and the low voltage switchboards inside the (power) stations, also maintenance of the streets lighting network and the waste collector at the Authority's public free zone location in Nasr City for one year.
It may be convenient to throw everything to the bin and wait for the waste collector to come, but this will not truly solve the problem," Vergara said.
We have recently shown the appalling safety records of big firms like steelmaker Corus and waste collector Biffa - which already have their own health and safety teams.
We hope that householders will help us in our determination to stop the perpetrators by checking that any private waste collector including someone who knocks on the door and offers to clear all the rubbish from the garage or garden are Registered Waste Carriers.
Skip" Bisnett, general manager of the county's largest private solid waste collector, Casella Waste Services, Potsdam.
A BOGUS waste collector who dumped rubbish at beauty spots has got one of the harshest jail sentences for fly-tipping.