Space Toilet

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A waste management/collection system that removes solid and liquid waste in outer space
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He pointed out that safe and economic disposal of solid waste was critical for the success of a sustainable waste collection system.
In the autumn the council was criticised after the glass waste collection system was suddenly changed from two to four weeks.
Abdel Zaher added that the authority exerted great efforts to get those five bins from Maadi Neighborhood Municipal Authority after the introduction of the new waste collection system by the latter.
Patient safety, he added, was also compromised by garbage thrown by residents living on the upper floors as the building did not have a proper waste collection system.
There are more than 240,000 known cases of lymphoedema in the UK | Early diagnosis improves the prognosis of the patient | The lymphatic system is probably best thought of as the body's waste collection system, taking damaged cells, tissue fluid, bacteria, proteins and waste products out of the body | Aside from swelling, side effects can include thickening of the skin, ulcers, infection and loss of hair
The minister said that the solid waste collection system will be launched in in all 3,281 union councils of nine divisions of the province.
LAHORE -- Lahore Waste Management Company (LWMC) is inaugurating a new waste collection system based on motorcycle pulled customized waste containers in 7 Union councils of walled city area.
Documents seen by the Irish Times revealed the last Government opted for a privatised waste collection system dismissing an internal report outlining the benefits of an alternative that could have been cheaper for homeowners.
The contract will outline the roles and responsibilities of the haulers and the city under an organized solid waste collection system.
The system combines spark and metal detector with a high speed flap to be integral part in the textile material conveyance streams or waste collection system.
Muscat: A tender to set up an underground waste collection system in the Shati Al Qurum area has been floated by the Muscat Municipality.
29 August 2014 - Finnish wireless sensor networks provider Enevo had raised USD8m (EUR6m) of international investments that it would use to expand its waste collection system globally, the company announced in a statement.