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August P. von, German bacteriologist, 1866-1925. See: Wassermann antibody, Wassermann reaction, Wassermann test, provocative Wassermann test.
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We find conditions on A and [epsilon] such that B([epsilon]) is nuclear, using the following general characterization due to Simon Wassermann [12, Corollary 1.
LI Xinzhou, Chairman, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of China Pioneer Pharma said: Alfa Wassermann, the supplier of our FLUXUM product since 2004, also granted us a second product Neoton for the rights of sales and co-promotion within five provinces in 2012.
By adducing it at the end of his analysis, and giving it the most space, Endelman treats Wassermann's disdain for Heine as a crowning piece of evidence: "For Wassermann and other self-hating German-Jewish writers, Heine was a frequent and convenient target.
Aun asi, Wassermann y Madariaga, cada uno por su lado, sucumben ante la personalidad del genoves: a el se deben grandes acciones pero tambien tremendos errores.
The final essay in the collection, by Ritchie Robertson, considers Schnitzler's remarks about Jakob Wassermann, commenting specifically on the relationship these two men had with their Jewish heritage.
Wassermann had a way of making me want to play every piece anyway.
I agree that I should have written that serological tests other than the Wassermann were used in Tuskegee.
Swisslog Holding AG increases its holding in Wassermann AG from 20% to more than 50%.
Pictured above, as they were posed individually in our studio two years ago and electronically pieced together to form the image above, are, from left, Valley College's Zac Wassermann of Westlake High; Clausen; USC's Matt Cassel of Chatsworth High; Hance; Oregon's Chris Lombardo of Newbury Park High; College of the Canyon's Jason Winn of Granada Hills High; UCLA's John Sciarra of St.
I shake my head, which the researcher, Eric Wassermann, takes as "No.
Arthur Schnitzler and Jakob Wassermann used him as the model for aesthetes in their works, and he may also be among the originals for the decadent Detlev Spinell in Thomas Mann's Tristan.
The legend of Alexander inspired writers down through the ages, from Plutarch (who wrote of him in Parallel Lives) and Ferdowsi (in the Shah-nameh) to John Lyly, Pedro Calderon de la Barca, Jean Racine, Jakob Wassermann, and many others.