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August P. von, German bacteriologist, 1866-1925. See: Wassermann antibody, Wassermann reaction, Wassermann test, provocative Wassermann test.
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Early in his career, Wasserman was the news director for WCBS-2 in New York.
Wasserman Schultz and a handful of similarly minded people held a news conference this morning at in the courtyard of the Federal Courthouse in downtown Fort Lauderdale.
There was always an idea to have a display in the lobby, it just took a little longer to get the right fit," said Wasserman.
Wasserman has argued that he only needed to clear an initial count of the numbers, not in the 15 counties, to qualify for more time.
Wasserman destaca que las representaciones del pasado se constituyeron mediante una gran variedad de generos y soportes conformando un corpus amplio de caracter heterogeneo.
But the hard work will pay off, because, as Wasserman points out, "There's nothing more rewarding than being able to address a key need of customers.
The Tornadoes had the option of voiding the deal, but opted to take Ramos from the Pride instead, allowing Wasserman to play at home.
Wasserman explains it this way in an e-mail interview from his home in Arizona:
95) by Debra Wasserman and Reed Mangels, PhD, RD, CCE.
You're all the special ones," Wasserman told them before handing out the goods.