Washboard Abs

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A popular term for the washboard-like appearance of the rectus abdominis muscle in an 'in shape' person with minimal abdominal wall fat
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It's not an overweight guy, but it isn't one with washboard abs either'.
Jerry Coelho, senior trainer at the international fitness chain, Snap Fitness in Mumbai gives pointers to turn that beer belly into washboard abs.
Thankfully, Cooper is a perfect fit for an incorrigible ladies man, merrily flaunting his washboard abs to pique the interest of wives and girlfriends in the audience.
In the film, the 50-year-old actor's paunch is gone, replaced by washboard abs.
I remember working with one patient--a 500-pound, 18-year-old-man--who was crushed when I told him that it was extremely unlikely that he would have washboard abs after surgery.
The emphasis on a tall, lean, chiseled physique with firm pecs, washboard abs, and well-defined shoulders can contribute to men using steroids to bulk up.
Media images tell young women they have to be skinny and young men must have washboard abs and rippling pecs.
Calorie Burn - While sex alone may not be enough to create washboard abs, intercourse definitely gets the blood pumping, raising the heart rate and burning calories.
DUBIOUS curtains, washboard abs and a bandanna - it's enough to make you frolic under a waterfall wearing only your jeans.
I had washboard abs in my 30s but that had a lot to do with my Crohn's.
Berg Eriksen, a health and fitness blogger who claims to have to the biggest blog in Norway, posted a selfie on the social networking site in which her enviable washboard abs were on display days after giving birth to Nelia, her daughter with Norwegian premier league footballer Lars-Kristian Eriksen.
1, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Ever since Mario Lopez's signature dimples and washboard abs first graced television sets, millions of women have described his legendary physique as "scrumptious," "irresistible" and even "drool-inducing.