Washboard Abs

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A popular term for the washboard-like appearance of the rectus abdominis muscle in an 'in shape' person with minimal abdominal wall fat
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KERRY KATONA has flaunted her new "ripped" physique and washboard abs, after shedding an incredible two stone.
IANS At 45, she does push-ups effortlessly in a sari, runs marathons and has worked her way towards washboard abs.
Born in Paisley, on the outskirts of Glasgow, Butler broke Hollywood with his legendary rippling washboard abs -- some critics unkindly and inaccurately suggested they were digitally-enhanced -- as marauding King Leonidas in Zack Snyder's "300.
And the Australian, 36, clearly did not overindulge on her festive dinner as she can be seen flaunting her washboard abs on a five-star trip with pop star husband Ronan in the Indian Ocean resort.
By staying true to his character's core, he proves that there's truly more to him than his pretty-boy looks and washboard abs.
JUSTIN Bieber fans unable to gaze longingly at his washboard abs in real life during his upcoming UK gigs are being offered the chance to glimpse the next best thing - a "wet look" waxwork.
After Easter, mild concern kicked in over the whereabouts of the washboard abs I was going to have come summer and, now, I accept, the search for them is entirely futile.
England World Cup winning rugby player BEN COHEN, 36, shocks fans after he displays a more rounded frame than his usual washboard abs on a Miami beach.
To show off his washboard abs on-screen in "Ant-Man," Rudd said, "I basically didn't eat anything for about a year.
Want washboard abs like Deepika Padukone or a strong torso like Hrithik Roshan?
It's not an overweight guy but it isn't one with washboard abs either.