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Special thanks to our Legislation Committee co-chairs, Christopher Rumbold and Philip Wartenberg, to Tom Sasser and Elisha Roy (trustees), Amy Hickman, Taryn Sinatra, Bonnie Sockel-Stone, Joe Hunt, and Reuben Doupe for their time and dedication in our legislative efforts.
La epidemiologia espacial hace referencia a "la descripcion y analisis de datos de salud geograficamente indexados, en relacion con factores de riesgo ambientales, demograficos, socioeconomicos, comportamentales, geneticos o infecciosos" (Elliott y Wartenberg, 2004, p.
By Nathan Kato-Wallace, vice consul and Linley Wartenberg, consular office management specialist, U.
After his retirement from the WCC at the end of 1984, Potter married Barbel von Wartenberg of Germany, a former director of the WCC's sub-unit on Women in Church and Society (Doreen had died in 1980).
Nearly 60% of our patient presented with Wartenberg phenomenon, >85% of our patients suffered from cold intolerance/paraesthesia and nearly 22% said they are disturbed by it.
On the other hand, some educators such as Tom Wartenberg do not regard formal training as necessary in becoming an effective P4C facilitator.
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In 1962, he married Carla Wartenberg, they divorced in 1966.
Our foundation have seen and documented so many times the cruelty of dogs being transported and slaughtered for their meat, and have rescued some these animals for rehabilitation, where it has been a heartbreaking scene just realizing how inhumane they had been treated," expressed Charles Wartenberg, president of the Animal Kingdom Foundation.
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