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Albert M., U.S. pediatrician, 1884-1945. See: Stevens-Johnson syndrome.
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It is for us to appreciate, despite the melodrama and his occasional descent into self-caricature, what Wallace Stevens himself recognized six years after their fight, calling him "the most significant of living poets, so far as the subject of EXTRAORDINARY ACTUALITY.
The argument justifies the readings that compose the majority of Wallace Stevens among Others.
Stevens's links with Henry (rather than William) James have constituted, Goldfarb and Eeckhout's volume correctly contends, an under-explored topic (albeit one addressed by a recent number of the Wallace Stevens Journal).
Miller seems most at home literarily visiting Wallace Stevens, author of the most seriously studied modern poem about Sunday.
Reality wrote the American poet Wallace Stevens "is things as they are.
Through a sequence of close readings of texts by Adorno, Wallace Stevens, Robert Frost, and James Joyce, Durao ably undertakes a demonstration of negative aesthetics as a critical project.
Eliot or the politically conservative Wallace Stevens, according to Goffman, could be appropriated by editors such as Philip Rahv to define a new identity for urban Jewish intellectuals as they repudiated Stalinism in favor of a liberal individualism that privileged a fragmentary art.
The poet Wallace Stevens, wealthy from his position as vice president of the Hartford Accident and Indemnity Company, once remarked that there was a huge difference between appreciating art and owning it.
Hilda Doolittle) and Wallace Stevens revised poetry's visionary tradition for a skeptical era by re-imagining the idea of God.
They are, as the poet Wallace Stevens put it, "archaic forms, giants of sense, evoking one thing in many men".
A friend of mine who studied with Morse at Northeastern began telling me about a biographer of Wallace Stevens.
Though he has written for several mediums, his primary output has been art songs that use the poems of twentieth century poets--in particular, Wallace Stevens and Mary Oliver.