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A slang term for a patient who can ambulate and converse
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Five telescopes sight, 36 walkietalkies and two bulletproof jackets along with ammunition of different calibre and categories were also retrieved during the Wednesday's raid.
They communicated through walkietalkies and were controlled from a ' war room' within the ashram.
The only things Spielberg has taken away are the government agents' guns (we'll see walkietalkies only), and the word 'terrorist' which might be a little over post-September 11 sensitive, but it doesn't stop you falling in love with E.
We have increased the number of walkietalkies for communication among staff.
will also be longer and the pursuing police will carry walkietalkies instead of guns.
We had phones, walkietalkies, four-wheel drive vehicles equipped with radio communication," he notes.
Set up in 2006, it allows users to use their phones like walkietalkies, drop photos into discussions, chat with friends on messaging services from AIM to Facebook Chat.
Some carry dozens of keys around every day along with torches, walkietalkies, mobile phones and tools - all attached to their belts.
5 gadget packs with phones, walkietalkies & remotes WORTH pounds 300
25p), the maker of digital walkietalkies for the emergency services, are only slightly above the 145p they debuted at in August.
People were familiar with walkietalkies but they had to be persuaded they could use a similar gizmo to phone people at home.
Jason Lee Anna Ceulemans, 42, Damien Harkin, 48, and 49-year-old Neil Christopher Hegarty, also admitted having two walkietalkies and a torch for a terrorist purpose in Derry in December 2012.