(Waldeyer-Hartz) (vawl'dī-er, hahrts),
Heinrich W.G. von, German anatomist and pathologist, 1836-1921. See: Waldeyer fossae, Waldeyer glands, Waldeyer zonal layer, Waldeyer throat ring, Waldeyer sheath, Waldeyer space, Waldeyer tract.
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We established the correct diagnosis of Waldeyer ring lymphoma by histology.
Waldeyer halkasini olusturan mukozal lenfoid doku, cesitli mikroorganizmalar icin havayolunun ilk savunma alanidir.
Testicular DLBCL shows a specific pattern of dissemination to certain extranodal sites, which include the contralateral testis, the Waldeyer ring, the skin, the lung, and the central nervous system.
Welch had hoped to study with von Recklinghausen, but as he had no microscopy skills he had to begin in histology with Waldeyer.
SFA-D has appointed Jacques Waldeyer as its new chief executive.
Variable FDG uptake in normal structures such as nasal turbinates, pterygoid muscles, salivary glands, extra-ocular muscles, and lymphoid tissues of the adenoids and Waldeyer ring may result in difficulty interpreting the PET-CT scan.
Nazofarenks, Waldeyer halkasi ve tonsillerde yerlesen HDL'ler grubun %11,9'unu (n:14) olusturdu.
On a evoque la deficience congenitale ou la faiblesse de la gaine aponevrotique de Waldeyer parmi les causes possibles.
The bulk of the disease develops in the Waldeyer ring (palatine tonsils, nasopharyngeal adenoids, base of the tongue, and lingual tonsils).
The anatomic sites that constitute the major structures of the lymphatic system include groups and chains of lymph nodes, the spleen, the thymus, Waldeyer ring (a circular band of lymphoid tissue that surrounds the oropharynx, consisting of the palatine, lingual, and pharyngeal tonsils), the vermiform appendix, and the Peyer patches of the ileum.