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Petrus Johannes, Dutch ophthalmologist, 1886-1979. See: Waardenburg syndrome.
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Heterochromia iridis can be a part of a congenital (present from birth) syndrome like the Waardenburg syndrome, Horner's syndrome, Sturge-Weber syndrome or Parry-Romberg syndrome, which are inherent.
The most common syndromes that are accompanied by hearing loss include Pendred, Usher, Branchio-oto-renal (BOR), Waardenburg, and Alport syndromes (3).
Plunket chief executive Amanda Malu and chief operating officer Lois van Waardenburg also shared their use of mobile technology, such as Facebook, for more accessible consultations.
3 The most common syndromes included Waardenburg syndrome, Usher syndrome, and oculo-otodental syndrome.
4) Piebaldism is associated in rare instances with neurofibromatosis type 1, Hirschsprung's disease, hearing loss, and Waardenburg syndrome.
Participants' profiles Participants 1 2 Relationship to Mother Mother child Race Black Black Gender of parent / Female Female caregiver Home language Sesotho Tshivenda Language interview Sesotho English was conducted in Residence Johannesburg south Johannesburg south Employment Unemployed Employed Education -- Tertiary Children with CI, n 1 2 Aetiology of hearing Unknown Waardenburg syndrome impairment Age of child (years) 4 8 (child 1), 2.
Syndromes associated with hearing loss or progressive or late- onset hearing loss such as neurofibromatosis, osteopetrosis and Usher syndrome; other frequently identified syndromes include Waardenburg, Alport, Pendred and Jervell and Lange-Nielson.
When neural crest biology fails, the result is various birth defects and illnesses: cleft lip/palate, Hirschsprung and Waardenburg syndromes, melanoma and neuroblastoma.
En el diagnostico diferencial se deben tener en cuenta otros trastornos como el albinismo, el vitiligo, el sindrome de Waardenburg y el sindrome de Woolf.
Waardenburg sees Islam as a religion "still deeply misunderstood.
The Age of Global Dialogue," in Jacques Waardenburg, ed.