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Petrus Johannes, Dutch ophthalmologist, 1886-1979. See: Waardenburg syndrome.
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The Age of Global Dialogue," in Jacques Waardenburg, ed.
Physical exam findings, particularly those that may be associated with syndromes, should be identified, such as the white forelock of Waardenburg syndrome.
1998), cause Waardenburg syndrome (Variant, 1994) and Tietz syndrome (Amiel et al.
On the first series Jay met Charlotte Doherty who has cerebral palsy, Haf Thomas who has Down's syndrome, Hannah Stevenson who has vision impairment, Sara Jones who has multiple sclerosis, Sara Wheeler who has Waardenburg Syndrome, and Daniel Jones who is autistic.
Utrecht scholar Jacques Waardenburg published an anthology of religious studies in which he allotted Kraemer a prominent position, writing, "The following books of Kraemer are relevant to the study of religion: 1938 The Christian Message in a Non-Christian World; 1956 Religion and the Christian Faith; 1960 World Cultures and World Religions.
The series, which began last week, follows James around Wales and shows the difficulties faced by people with conditions such as multiple sclerosis, Waardenburg syndrome and autism.
Ar Taith Fawr y Dyn Bach mae James yn teithio trwy Gymru ac yn cwrdd a Charlotte Doherty sydd a Pharlys yr Ymennydd, Haf Thomas sydd a Syndrom Down's, Hannah Stevenson sydd a nam golwg, Sara Jones sydd a Sglerosis Ymledol (MS), Sara Wheeler sydd a Syndrom Waardenburg a nam clyw, a Daniel Jones sydd yn awtistig.
Poliozis ile iliskili diger tablolar arasinda Marfan sendromu, Vogt- Koyanagi-Harada hastaligi, Alezzandrini sendromu, Rubinstain-Taybi sendromu, Waardenburg sendromu gibi sendromlar, sarkoidoz, sempatik oftalmi, idyopatik uveit, tuberoskleroz, piebaldizm, alopesi areata, trigeminal otonomik sefalalji, diskoidlupus eritematozus ve herpes zoster gibi cesitli herediter veya inflamatuvar tablolar bulunmaktadir (1-7).
Mutations in MITF not only play a role in the development of skin cancer, but also cause severe genetic diseases like the Tietz and Waardenburg syndromes that lead to deafness, skin and hair pigmentation defects, abnormal eye anatomy and altered vision.
In the case of retinitis pigmentosa, Duchenne muscular dystrophy, and Waardenburg syndrome, a change in a gene results in the more broadly categorized disabilities of vision loss, limited mobility, and hearing loss, respectively.
74-76) In humans, mutation of MITF causes Waardenburg syndrome type IIA, an autosomal dominant condition characterized by a deficiency of melanocytes in the eye, inner ear, and forelock, with varying degrees of sensorineural hearing loss.